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About Appetite You

Appetite You is a local, independent, design 'agency' that supports small to medium sized businesses and organisations in the Cambridgeshire area.

Our design team have years of experience from all aspects of the design industry, from international print and digital publishing, to nationwide consultancy work on behalf of multi-million pound businesses.

We offer a range of professional graphic design services that are accessible to everyone; from the lone artisan jam maker working from their kitchen, to the countywide civil engineering firm. And everyone in between!

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How it all began

One sunny Sunday morning...

...In a little village a few miles outside of Cambridge, a flyer for a local takeaway came through the letter box. Being familiar with this business, and having eaten from there many, many times due to the excellent food, it was almost distressing to see the way this company was trying to promote their business.

Not in a mean way though, this was a small family operation that were trying their best to promote their business. What made it upsetting was that if you had not ordered from them before, that flyer was not going to encourage you. 

And so began the idea. With years of experience in the design industry, we knew that it would not be difficult or time consuming to tidy that flyer up and make the world of difference. With a bit more fiddling and 'design-ey' work, we were sure that flyer could take pride of place on any household fridge.

But for that local takeaway, that would mean going to an agency, an agency though would need a 'brand development meeting', have to develop 'mood boards', all of which would be costly billable hours before anyone had even started on the concept for a design, let alone a finished product. Which is understandably not possible for a small local business.

But what if there was an alternative? A small local team, who work with small local businesses, to offer professional design services in a way that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

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What makes Appetite You different?

Not your average 'design agency'...

The driving goal behind Appetite You is to make professional graphic design services available and approachable to everyone.

We offer free consultations, with no obligations, so people can get a feel for who we are and how we can help, this also gives us a chance to get a better understanding of your business and how we can help. 

Wherever possible, we aim to be able to give one price for a project, from start to finish. We understand that most of our customers do not have a marketing team, (or even a marketing budget!).

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